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I don’t know if my choice is going to appeal to everyone, or indeed anyone, but I do find clever men extremely appealing. If they’re clever and also communicative and have an endearing speech impediment like a stammer or a lisp, so much the better – it makes them more human, somehow. If they can also explain the mysteries of the universe to me (even if I immediately forget what they’ve just said) in a clear, charming and non-patronising way, they score on all counts!

Professor Jim - he knows about life, the universe and EVERYTHING!

Professor Jim - he knows about life, the universe and EVERYTHING!

So now – step forward Professor Jim Al-Khalili, BBC4’s most hunky and desirable scientist, the man who got me to understand some of the aspects of the atom. Well, for the five minutes during which he was actually talking, anyway. I bought the book. I might even read it one day. I listen to him with pleasure and with that warm, fuzzy feeling I get when I’m learning something I ought to know. Although how knowing about subatomic particles impinges on my own daily round, I have yet to find out…

I did understand and have retained some of Shock and Awe, his BBC4 series on electricity. I can now change a plug and a fuse and – what’s more – I know why things go wrong with them, hurrah!

12 thoughts on “Margaret’s Wednesday Hottie

  1. Interesting choice, Margaret! Not sure anyone could make me understand about atoms and particles, but I can change a fuse 😀

  2. I find a good brain extremely attractive too! As my English teacher used to say, ‘Remember, girls, it’s not just about bedtime! Find someone you can talk to!’

  3. At a first glance (governed purely by superficial matters such as his face), I thought to myself, Oh, no. But you’ve made a good point about the attractiveness of a clever man. Interesting. I must be sure to give my next hero a brain as well as plenty of brawn!

  4. What a forward-thinking, progressive English teacher you had, Chris! I’m sure mine thought we were all going to be nuns and wouldn’t need any guidance of that kind…

  5. Liz, my heroes are always a triumph of brain over brawn… After all, brawn can turn to flab but a brain just gets better with age! Just like Tony… sigh…

  6. Isn’t the biggest erogenous zone meant to be the brain? (Am I allowed to say erogenous on the Choc-Lit blog?)

  7. Professor Jim is on BBC2 this evening, on Horizon, looking for the ultimate particle. Come on, you know you’re all fascinated really. This evening, by the way, is 9 January 2012, and if you can’t watch all you need to know is that it’s all based on SYMMETRY.

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