Choc Lit Christmas Special – Day 11

choclit-logoxmassmaller2New Year’s Eve is rapidly approaching and it’s time to party! Champagne is usually a must, but we’ll need some party food or canapés to go with it if we are to stay awake until midnight. Here are some recommendations from the Choc Lit authors:-

JulietPut self in car, adding handbag or at least a credit card. Go to nearest supermarket, preferably M&S or Waitrose. Mix with rest of neighbourhood, who have the same idea. Boil gently while choosing a selection of canapés, then freeze when you get to checkout and see total bill. Add several bottles of wine to improve your mood.

Henriette – Steak with sauce béarnaise, served with oven roasted potato wedges and a spicy rocket salad, with a full-bodied red wine to drink and then fizz for later. Can’t beat it, and the diet … well, there’s always next year.

Kate – My favourite party food is sausage rolls. Yes, I don’t eat meat, but almost since day one I’ve been addicted to Linda McCartney’s vegetarian sausage rolls!

Margaret – I always let someone else sort this out. Waitrose does a lovely selection of canapés, dips and desserts!

Evonne – Anything that stays in one piece and does not end up as an inelegant smear down the posh frock gets my vote. Preferably something that can be eaten elegantly and does not leave crumbs around the mouth. I think this is a miracle food, not a canapé.

Chris – Quick, easy, delicious and slightly quirky.  No, not one of our heroes but my canapé recipe. Spread water biscuits (I like the ones with cracked black pepper) with a thin layer of greengage jam, top with blue cheese to taste – I can recommend Carmarthenshire Boksburg Blue!

SueGo to someone else’s house for New Year’s Eve. Seriously. You made all that Rocky Road, didn’t you? And you’ve probably cooked Christmas dinner, Boxing Day dinner, extra bank holiday dinner and a leftover turkey curry lunch for stray family members. Take a bottle of champagne and nobody will care if you haven’t cooked anything. They’ll probably have eaten too much by then, anyway.

clxmascanapeLinda – Not a food at all but a drink – a cocktail … although it will work as a dessert after an Italian meal which would be best served by, or shared with, an Italian … Francesco da Mosto would do it for me – and at least he’d be able to pronounce Sgroppino!

Sgroppino – Put half a shot of vodka, a quarter of a shot of double cream, one and a half shots of Prosecco and 3 scoops of lemon sorbet in a blender, whizz, then serve in a Champagne flute garnished with a lemon twist.

JaneWe don’t do New Year’s parties. We build a huge bonfire in the garden and sit and look at it. Sometimes there are peanuts, but that’s really all I can offer.

Christina – I love savoury canapés, but after a while I need something sweet to finish off with, so this is what I’d suggest – buy small, round shortbread biscuits, place them on a tray and put a tablespoon of whipped cream on each one, then a couple of strawberries, raspberries or blueberries (or one of each?) on top. Makes a small but perfect cream cake!

If you prefer savory, however, take some very dark rye bread, spread with butter and cut into little circles (use a shot glass and just push through the bread, that’s perfect size!), add a thin slice of boiled egg, then a tiny daub of mayonnaise, a little piece of pickled herring (or anchovy if you like those – I don’t!) and a teensy sprig of dill. Makes a lovely mouthful!

So now we’re all set for the party, right? Please come back tomorrow and we’ll tell you more …

4 thoughts on “Choc Lit Christmas Special – Day 11

  1. At one New Year’s Eve party, back in the 80s, the guest of honour was a rather romantic (in a sad sort of way) Russian who sat in a corner, boozing with a great circle of sympathetic admirers trying to cheer him up, but he missing everything that we would think of as bad about Russia. Half way through the evening he announced that it was ‘only five minutes now!’ Then at nine o’clock, he gave a great cry, downed a large slug of vodka and announced that as it was now midnight in Moscow, he was off to bed. And off he went, his Great Patriotic Duty done.

    As I get older I think celebrating the Russian New Year is a rather good idea in that everyone can get to bed at a decent hour. Yes, champagne and oysters and some excellent seafood, lots of good conversation and New Year arriving around the time of the third glass of champagne, while everyone is still fresh and buoyant from blue cheese and greengages, can’t be a bad recipe. And, as Sue, says, in someone else’s house for preference, even if you have to buy the champagne, provided of course they also provide accommodation. Then you can celebrate the San Francisco New Year over coffee and croissants.

  2. Fennie – I think your comment will apply to tomorrow’s post as well, thank you! I like the idea of celebrating New Year from a different place 🙂

  3. What an excellent idea! In fact, we’re celebrating New Year tonight, instead of tomorrow, because the friends we’re celebrating with thought it would be easier … 🙂 So we’ll be even earlier than Moscow. Happy New Early to everyone x

  4. Since I’ve been away from home in Ireland I really miss real Christmas cake the way we make it there. Yes, we have Christmas cakes in India with whisky and dry fruit in it. But it’s not the same. And the Christmas pudding I knew and loved is non existant here. I’ve learnt to like other things here like curried green peas and carrot pudding. But, well, it’s not exactly the same….

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