Christine Stovell nominates a Welsh Legend

No, not Tom Jones this time, just to reassure anyone who was scarred for life by the hairy hunks photo. This week, for his truly heroic qualities, I’m nominating Shane Williams, the Welsh winger who made his final Test appearance against the Wallabies in Cardiff last Saturday. Wales may have lost the game, but Shane Williams ended his outstanding international career in style. His somersault across the line to score his 58th try for his country in the dying seconds of the game, thrilled his supporters but broke our hearts as we contemplated what we were about to lose. Passionate, dedicated, a strong man who’s not afraid to shed a few tears: sounds like good hero material to me.

Diolch, Shane.  We'll miss you.

Diolch, Shane. We'll miss you.

So, which hot sporting hero would you nominate?

21 thoughts on “Christine Stovell nominates a Welsh Legend

  1. Got to love this one, haven’t I? – with a Welsh mother and a brother who played and coached the game for decades!
    My own sporting hero choice – for his beautiful body – is Colin Jackson…..and the man can dance, too!

  2. Excellent taste, ladies!

    Ooh, Linda, my best friend adores Colin Jackson so you’ll both have to share nicely.

  3. Just scroll down to that photo of Tom Jones (‘Hot Fuzz’), Liz, you might change your mind… or not!

  4. Okay, so I’ve been thinking about it for a while and my choice keeps coming back to the most obvious one… Mr David Beckham. It may be because I saw a pic of him with his top off yesterday. The image is still making me smile 🙂

  5. I’m sure Mr Beckham will get lots of votes, Catherine. Jane, I can suggest more rugby hunks, if you’d like to choose one.

  6. The team are voting for Mark Webber. Fantastic to see him back in the winning seat and so gorgeous! Agree Jane – Jenson is cool too.

  7. I am not sure this will count as he doesn’t play a sport but this person does read the Sport on Daybreak, mine would be Dan Lobb, he is very handsome.

  8. Aw, yes. I cried on Saturday when he went over for his final try for Wales. Great choice! Shane seems like such a lovely bloke, unafraid of his emotions and very talented. What’s not to love? I could nominate other members of the Welsh team but I think I’ll go for an Italian player instead. Step forward, Mirco Bergamasco. 🙂

  9. Oh, good one, Kath – don’t you think that those Bergamasco boys should be stamped on a coin? Especially Mirco. And I could add to my list of Welsh players too – quite a selection there! I was in tears on Saturday, almost impossible not to be moved by that textbook finale to Shane’s international career.

  10. Sorry, Aileen I’ve only just seen your comment.I’m sure we can allow handsome men talking about sport as well 🙂

  11. Definitely sounds like a hero, Chris! Personally I would agree with Jane about Jenson Button, Catherine about David Beckham and can I add Rafael Nadal? He’s been appearing on the sides of London buses (very scantily clad!) for a while now, most distracting 🙂

  12. I amy have to talk you through the finer points of rugby, Juliet! Oh-er, we don’t get that kind of excitement out here, Pia!

  13. I’m not sure about Rafa Nadal, he looks like a cartoon character to me! Marat Safin was quite a lovely hunk of tennis player, it’s a shame we don’t see so much of him these days.

    I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Lewis Hamilton, even if he is so young. He’s adorable!

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