Christina’s Wednesday Hottie

bradIt may be a bit cliched, but I don’t think any line-up of Wednesday Hotties (or any other hotties for that matter) would be complete without this guy – Brad Pitt.

bradpitt5He stole the show in Thelma & Louise and he’s gone on stealing it ever since whatever movie he appears in.  He made me watch a vampire film (Interview with a Vampire) long before they were fashionable, he was the only reason to watch Legends of the Fall and I can’t count the number of times I’ve watched him as Achilles in Troy.

He’s not afraid to play strange roles either, but whatever he does, he’s good at it and he lights up the screen for me.


6 thoughts on “Christina’s Wednesday Hottie

  1. I never really got the Brad Pitt thing, but I do have to admit he’s pretty tasty in ‘Twelve Monkeys’ (where he plays a total psycho… which says more about my taste in men than about Brad..)

  2. Mmmmm – blond not really my thing – although must admit your choice of piccies not half bad. Give me George Clooney any which way.

  3. I agree, Jan!
    Sarah – as he’s an actor, maybe he’d dye his hair dark? Would be an interesting experiment to see if he’s still as good-looking then 🙂

  4. Glad you agree, Tara – yes, Ocean’s 11/12/13 are all great, aren’t they!

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