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Ewan McGregor? What can I say? – even his name says swishing kilt and slashing sword, I think. He’s been in so many films, played so many characters, but for pure romance I don’t think he can be beaten as Renee Zellweger’s love interest in Miss Potter. Now Renee, bless her, might be a great actress but she’s no looker……but in the scene where Ewan sings to her as he teaches her to dance is pure romance. There’s no hasty ripping off of clothes, or heavy breathing up against a door/wall/car boot, but he transforms Renee with that dance, makes her beautiful. And his voice……his natural one, I mean. Wonderful diction, fantastic pitch. Voice is often overlooked in fiction……must remember to make mention of it more……and go and take my cold shower now!!!

7 thoughts on “Linda’s Wednesday Hottie

  1. Not just his speaking voice but his singing one too: it’s Moulin Rouge! that does it for me. The bit right near the end when he turns and walks back towards the stage and belts out, “Come what may!” in a voice a Broadway star would be proud of…oh boy.

    And he’s pretty easy on the eye, too…

  2. I loved him as Obi-Wan-Kenobi in the final Star Wars films! And the Scottish accent … ah, yes 😀

  3. Yes, he was Frank! And a very good one, I liked him a lot better than Mr Knightley 🙂

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