Christina Courtenay’s New Cover

highlandstorms_coversmallerI’m absolutely thrilled to be able to share my brand new cover with everyone – behold Highland Storms!  I think the Choc Lit cover designer has outdone himself this time and has produced exactly the sort of thing I had imagined for this novel.  I may be just a tad biased, and you probably all know by now that I’m very partial to lilac, but I think this is just fab!

Highland Storms, which is the sequel to Trade Winds, will be published in November, so there’s a while to wait yet before seeing the actual finished book, but I don’t mind now because I know I’ll love it.  Just to whet your appetite, here is a short blurb:-

Brice Kinross thinks he’s very different from his flamboyant father and younger brother Jamie, and the only thing he wants out of life is to settle down with the girl he loves.  When she jilts him in favour of his brother, however, he is forced to rethink.  Taking over his father’s Scottish estate and becoming the next chief of the clan suddenly seems very appealing, but the Scottish Highlands in 1754 is not the hospitable and welcoming place Brice remembers from childhood.  In order to successfully take over his inheritance, he’ll need to discover qualities he never knew he possessed.  And when he meets a woman who is more than his match and a villain hell-bent on taking what belongs to Brice, life begins to get interesting again …

12 thoughts on “Christina Courtenay’s New Cover

  1. I am a sucker for a lilac cover.
    It is so lovely.

    I don’t judge a book by it’s cover, honest! 🙂


  2. Another winning cover from Choc Lit! (Is there a national competition they can enter?!) I love the title as well, so I’m sure I’ll love the book.

  3. Thanks again! Yes, I’m pretty sure there is a competition somewhere, but not in the UK. We should start one!

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